HOURCAR launches Increased Access Hub Program

New: HOURCAR Increased Access Hubs

In an effort to engage communities traditionally underserved by carsharing, HOURCAR has lowered the hourly cost for Voyager and Neighborhood rate plans at select locations in Minneapolis and Saint Paul. The discounted rates apply to locations in areas where we are working to better connect with individuals and neighborhood groups and make carsharing more accessible. We are calling these locations our Increased Access Hubs.

As a mission-guided nonprofit, equity locations represent HOURCAR’s greatest asset: community connections that help increase mobility options and grow carsharing. We recognize that a variety of barriers exist when it comes to effective transportation options in disadvantaged areas, and we believe that we are only serving neighborhoods when local organizations and groups consider us to be an asset. Lowering the cost of HOURCAR in areas traditionally underserved by carsharing is one tool we are implementing to make our program more accessible.

In October 2017, the national nonprofit Shared-Use Mobility Center released a Shared Mobility Action Plan for the Twin Cities. One of the challenges the plan addresses is transportation disparities, particularly in disadvantaged areas. “HOURCAR’s action today represents a first step in the effort to increase access,” said HOURCAR CEO Paul Schroeder.

Q and A: Which locations have the discounted pricing?

Saint Paul – University Ave Area (Green Line):

  • Episcopal Homes – University and Fairview
  • Spruce Tree Center – Snelling and University
  • Syndicate and University
  • Dale and University

Minneapolis – Midtown Area

  • Midtown Global Market – Lake and 11th Ave S
  • Plaza Verde – Lake St and 15th Ave S
  • Midtown YWCA

Minneapolis – Franklin Ave Area

  • Hope Community Children’s Village – Franklin and Oakland

Discounted rate details:

  • Voyager Plan: discounted vehicle rate: $6.50/hour (regular rate $8.50)
  • Neighborhood Plan: discounted vehicle rate: $5.25/hour (regular rate $6.75)
  • Mileage and Daily Rate pricing is not changed

Why aren’t all Membership Plans getting a discounted rate?

  • We have made the choice to reduce the hourly rate at select locations for members on our current plans that do not already receive a discounted membership fee or hourly rate. All existing members can switch to Voyager or Neighborhood plans if they would like, and all members can reserve vehicles from locations with discounted pricing.

Is the Increased Access Hub pricing permanent, and will other locations be added?

  • The discounted pricing for the locations listed above will remain in place for the foreseeable future. HOURCAR plans to add additional Increased Access Hubs as we grow and develop additional relationships and connections in more neighborhoods.