HOURCAR in 2018!

Today we get a message from HOURCAR CEO, Paul Schroeder on looking forward to all of the great work HOURCAR will be embarking upon in 2018. Take it away Paul…

2018 is shaping up to be an exciting year for HOURCAR. Last year, we surveyed our members to learn more about what kinds of cars you would like to see in the fleet. We have big plans to expand and upgrade our fleet this year, and we’ve already started this process with the addition of two new Chevy Sonics. We also want to expand the number of hubs in the Twin Cities, adding new locations that are more convenient for our members, as well as expanding our Increased Access Hub program. So this year, we’ll be asking you where we should put those cars, and other questions about how to make our service better. And we’re working on some other things that I hope to be able to announce later this year (stay tuned!).

At the HOURCAR office, we keep signs up on the wall that remind us of our core values. One of these values is that we are member-focused—”we care about the person in the car.” Our goal every day is that you will have a safe, enjoyable, and hassle-free trip. When we don’t get it right, we appreciate our members who call or email to let us know. That’s how we make things better. If you have suggestions or ideas for how to improve our service or make it more convenient and easy-to-use, you can always reach out to me directly. My email is pauls@hourcar.org.

Thanks for your membership. I wish you and yours a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2018!

Roll On,

Paul Schroeder