Summer is for FLEXing

At HOURCAR, we understand that recurring subscriptions aren’t for everybody. That’s why we created the HOURCAR Flex Plan — a new rate plan with no membership fees!

Yes, you read that correctly. NO MEMBERSHIP FEES. Rather than paying a monthly or annual membership fee, Flex plan users pay a higher hourly rate when they reserve an HOURCAR.

The Flex plan is a flat $12.75 per hour (plus tax). This is a great option for people who only plan on using HOURCAR once or twice a year.

If you’re currently on a monthly or annual plan with us, you will get a better deal staying on your existing plan if you use HOURCAR more than three times per year.

Other advantages for monthly and annual members are:
* Better rates at increased access hubs
* Off-peak rates (12a-6a)
* Access to 24-hour reservations at daily rates

Thinking about switching to the Flex plan from a monthly/annual membership? Here are some things to consider:

In the past 6-12 months, have you:
• Had three or more reservations?
• Had at least one reservation that was over 3 hours long?
• Had a daily rate reservation?

If the answer to one or more of these questions is yes, you would save money by staying with your current monthly or annual rate plan. Monthly/annual plans provide better rates and more long-term savings than Flex after just one hour of driving.

If you’re an infrequent driver who still wants occasional access to a vehicle at a great rate, then we’d love to see you Flex!