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HOURCAR rolling into the new year like…


Help cleanse our qi or fix whatever’s going on with our vibe.

We’ve had a rough start to 2019 at HOURCAR, what with our office heat going out last week and our phones and internet crashing today. First we checked to see if Mercury is in retrograde. It’s not. Then we asked in a very nonjudgmental way if anyone in the office had summoned a Krampus or any other spooky ghosts over the holidays. They said they had not. So we’re pretty much out of ideas for what could be causing our sputtered start to the new year, but we need to shake things up and put some positivity in the HOURCAR atmosphere to get 2019 back on track. We’re going with our signature move. We’re running a new membership sale!

You’ve heard of takesies backsies? Well we’re doing givesies-backsies. Sign up for a new individual voyager or neighborhood plan and pay your $65 annual membership fee by March 1st, 2019, and we’ll match the fee back to you as driving credit. So tell your friends, your mom, and your mom’s friends, too. HOURCAR is basically giving away new memberships. You pay the annual fee, and we give it right back to you as driving credit. It’s that simple.

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Offer valid for new individual memberships on Voyager or Neighborhood plans only. Offer applies to $65 annual payment option of membership fee and does not apply to monthly payment options. $65 in driving credit will be added to your account after we receive payment of your $65 annual membership fee. New accounts must be approved and payment must be received by March 1, 2019. Driving credit valid through December 31, 2019. Driving credit cannot be used to pay taxes. All rates subject to 17.075% tax in Saint Paul and 17.225% in Minneapolis. Includes: city sales (.5%) state sales (6.875%), Transit Improvement Sales and Use (.5%) and motor vehicle rental (9.2%) taxes in addition to (.15% in Hennepin County).