Winter is hard, but we’re in this together.

The last time it snowed this much in February, the Metrodome collapsed.

Last week we set a new record for snowiest February in the Twin Cities, which doesn’t feel like something to celebrate, but here we are anyway. Over the last 4 weeks, we’ve survived over 30 inches of snow, 4 declared snow emergencies, the polar vortex with air temperatures of -25°F, and a boring Super Bowl. Honestly, we’re ready for winter to be over. We’re exhausted. Our backs are sore from shoveling. Our triceps are sore from scraping. The streets are narrower, and parking spots are smaller. We’ve been sideswiped and plowed in. We’re on our third side mirror.

As hard as winter is on Hourcars, we know it’s hard on members, too. That’s why we do everything we can to make winter driving less of a hassle and get members going. HOURCAR hires a crew to clear hub spaces within 24 hours after a snow event of 3 inches or more. When temperatures drop below zero, we bundle up and drive the cars around and keep the batteries charged. When members get stuck, we grab shovels. Everyone lends a hand, from the marketing coordinator to the CEO. That’s what car-sharing is all about.

Everyone helping everyone.

  • If you need to cancel an upcoming reservation due to inclement weather, let us know and we’ll waive any cancellation fees.
  • Let us know if you spend more than 15 minutes clearing a car, and we’ll credit you for your time.
  • This much snow and cold pushes our fleet team and plowing company to capacity, so hubs may take a little longer than usual to get cleared.
  • During winter we stock the cars with a brush/scraper, snow shovel, and extra windshield washer fluid. Let us know if we need to resupply a car.

Winter HOURCAR tips.

  • Give yourself extra time on the front and back of your reservation.
  • Hourcars get used less often when it’s really cold or snows a lot, so bring your gloves. You may need to brush or scrape off the car.
  • Snow can build up around a hub if a host plows their late after we’ve cleared it, so you may need to move some snow to get moving.
  • Double-check the lights. When temperatures plummet, accidentally leaving the headlights on can drain a battery in under 30 minutes.